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Filezilla: The Best Mac FTP Client

Filezilla is the best mac FTP client and tops the list of the best FTP clients for mac. Filezilla is a free FTP client. Filezilla is an FTP software which is generally used to transfer files between two hosts (eg. from your local machine to your server). It is cross-platform which means it is available for all operating systems.


Cyberduck tops the list of the best FTP clients for mac just because of one reason: it’s awesome to use. The reason is the wide support of platforms it offers for free. Cyberduck supports Amazon, Rackspace and Google Cloud Files.

Ftp On A Mac

Stuffit for mac

Stuffit lets you compress your images, files, videos using a complex compression algorithm that doesn’t impact the quality and you can upload it or transfer it to any service out there like dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. It also supports FTP, email, cloud storage integration and more.


Released in 1989, Fetch is one of the best FTP Clients available out there for Mac. Fetch offers quick look previews, web view and features like Droplet shortcuts that make using it quite easier. If you’re a kind of person that keeps on repeating some actions over your server, Fetch Automator is the thing for you. Fetch is just a free to try FTP software for mac.

NetFinder for mac

Netfinder supports a number of protocols like FTP with SSL encryption, SFTP and many more. Just like Fetch, NetFinder also supports one-click automation and multimedia previews are an icing on the cake. Net finder feels like Home with near to Mac interface for the software. However, it is a paid software.

Classic FTP Free for mac

Classic FTP is a free file transfer software for Mac that lets you transfer files between systems easily. It sends data encrypted using FTP-SSL and is compatible with all popular FTP server. Classic FTP server is compatible with Mac OS 10.4 and above.

Yummy FTP

Yummy FTP is a powerful FTP client for Mac that uses powerful encryption to make sure that your data is secure at any point of time. Apart from this, the software integrates the Dropbox sync and bookmark Manager into the software.

Ftp Software For Mac Reviews Mac


Transmit FTP was developed by Panic and this is one of the best FTP clients for transferring your files from one location to another. Transmit 4 is the latest version of Transmit and takes advantages of the Mac OS fully. It supports the .Mac format as well as iDisk/ WebDAV. Transmit also offers uploads using the desktop widget or dock on your Mac. This Mac FTP client is a free to try software.

Cute FTP

Cute FTP is a powerful file transfer client for Mac that uses secure shell 2 (SFTP) and SSL protocol to transfer your files. You can split a transfer into multiple files and recombine it on completion. You can transfer multiple files while at the same time navigate between the sites continuously.

Captain FTP

Captain FTP is an intelligent FTP client that uses a technique called Sync browsing. Sync Browsing lets you browse folders locally when the local and remote directory structure match. The remote folder then automatically follows the local folder in that case.

Lovely FTP

Lovely FTP has a neat feature called virtual folder located right on your desktop. You can drag and drop your files into the folder and it automatically starts transferring it.Simple Setting, Authentication, Proxy, Upload/ Download and reload functions make it an easy software to run and handle. Lovely FTP has the powerful functions for professional users while it holds the decency of a normal FTP software on the bay.

FTP Voyager

It supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS transfers over IPv4/IPv6, and includes file transfer scheduling and folder synchronization utilities, both manual and automated folder synchronization. File transfer scheduling can be automated using the scheduler.

Mac OS X

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Ftp Program Mac

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Ftp Application For Mac

with manualFileZilla ProStandard FTPYesYesYesFTP over TLSYesYesYesSFTPYesYesYesComprehensive PDF manual-YesYes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes — Yes

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